We wear the look that screams joy when rainbow kisses the wave calling it a perfect Holiday Attire.

We after trying miscellaneous brands in our reach, had an understanding that holiday wear, in particular beach wear being the happiest wear and seasonal preferred collection, most likely stayed just as a side caption, by being the tiny house, when it comes to variety offered in one’s plate. We wanted to accentuate the simplicity and spread happiness to those summer candy hours and party on beach days by prominently mainstreaming the “Holiday wear” and allowing our customers to get their hands dirty on our wide array of beach wear collection, provided to them under one umbrella.


We are taking a big turn in enhancing beautiful personalities by introducing our very own brand Hau’oli, which means Happiness in Hawaiian Language.

The culture of Hawaiians being so widely noticed is mainly because of their culture, friendliness, acceptance and affection, identical to that of Hau’Oli, where we try to be resolute by spreading happiness & friendliness culture in ranges and acceptance in love for beach wear collection across India. Hau’Oli being an online garments store, primarily aims at eye-catchy beachwear apparels in assorted colours, trendy designs, and lovable patterns for gender of all kinds, in all ranges, just one click away.


We stand for bringing back the most wanted happy hours and smiling faces from the oh-so-busy lives and bored routines by remodelling the whole concept of holiday wear just to give an individual the feel of walk the Hawaiian walk.

Our main inspiration was the complex times we live in today, a chaotic pandemic that led to catastrophic results and snatched our happy hours in no time but this whole concept of buying the holiday wear is to apprise people that having fun and wearing what you love and comfortably carrying it with confidence is still unrestricted and can be done wherever you are, and floral patterns help you remember pleasant times and vibrant pastel colours will still give the chills of one big wave. caressing your feet and wind blowing through your hair. Because as they say – an ocean breeze puts the mind at ease.


Quality driven
Copper – bottomed (Reliable)
Change to be Trendy
Fashion craftsmanship


Brand Hau’Oli being a holiday wear collection is colourful, vibrant, comfortable, breathable and it gives good vibes only. It’s about being and feeling happy in Hawaiian language, where making memories with families, friends and loved one’s who matter the most, when you are holidaying on those spellbound beaches wearing Hau’Oli brand clothes.

It’s a brand like no other with a wide range of products that definitely sends a chill down your spine and gives you a feel like nothing before when you walk the beach and enjoy the summer tans, wearing mesmerizingly textured, colourful, vibrant, floral & Hawaii collection which is designed for all genders to give them the feel of their hidden charm.

We at Hau’Oli promote body positivity and our collection will be for real people – because we believe that each one is unique and beautiful in their own way.


We aim at performance, reliability, durability, visual and perceived quality of the garment. The say can never go wrong where “customers demand and expect value for money” As producers of apparel we make sure that there is constant endeavour to produce work of good quality by all means. While we focus on being an exquisite quality brand, we also make sure that our customers get the benefits of prices as well. We have chosen the best of the best fabrics in designing when it comes to your taste, interest, and comfortability. We carry out preproduction inspection (PPI), during production inspection (DPI), Pre shipment inspection (PSI), and piece-by -piece inspections just to make sure you receive the finest of our products with ultimate care. All our garments is made out of love and care coz we know you are making memories for life wearing the same while holidaying.


By giving holiday wear a new identity going all loud and calling every individual out to embrace a new personality by wearing clothes of Hau’Oli brand and get your stardom started while u feel a quick tour of the exotic beaches of Hawaii irrespective of the location of the holiday.

And we know that there is going to be a better tomorrow, the sun is going to shine brighter, the waves are going to call out your name, and when the world is open to travel again, we would want you all to step out in the best of Hau’Oli, and live the holiday life on beach life like never before!


As a clothing brand, our commitment is to provide our customers the best of what they can expect in quality, design, affordability, reliability, and integrity. We strive to proffer our customers an astonishing feel of Hawaii while they wear clothing of Hau’Oli brand. While the brand is one of its kind in the markets, we continue to endeavour to win the hearts of millions out there because we care when you care for those modern looks that speak of liberty, freedom, and happiness.

We want you to dream in colors borrowed from the sea and ensure there are good vibes only around you.