Stylish Outfits for Your Long Weekend Getaway in the Andaman Islands

Stylish Outfits for Your Long Weekend Getaway in the Andaman Islands

It is incredibly easy to get into the groove of working so hard that you forget you also need some time for play, especially when you live in a city where you are surrounded by people who are prone to do the same thing. Are you a city-dweller, and does this sound awfully familiar to you? Well, the solution is always to take a break from the busy state of affairs that life can sometimes become. A long weekend is synonymous with longer periods of rest & relaxation, and it’s important to make full use of them when you stumble upon one.

On that note, we’re nearing September and you know what this means – the long Janmashtami weekend from 7th to 10th September is almost here! What’s the best place to go to in the middle of the summer to get away from the splitting heat and the hustle and bustle of city life? Somewhere to wind down with a fresh cold beverage, a hat on your head, barely any cell service, a place to take a cooling dip, and where you can be one with both yourself and the natural beauty of our planet? It’s obvious... the beach! And not just any beach in mainland India, but none other than the incredibly scenic and of high cultural significance, the Andamans!

As for what you need to pack for your long weekend, Hau’Oli has got you covered there.

Hau’Oli – your ultimate holiday shopping destination

Hau’Oli as a brand ONLY believes in good vibes. In the Hawaiian language, the language of a place that screams bright colours and the feeling of being surrounded by the simultaneous warmth and cool of the beach, Hau’Oli translates to “joy” and “happy” and all other feelings like it. If there is a brand that embodies this very feeling of being engulfed in bliss, it is Hau’Oli through the kinds of products they offer their customers. A quality-driven brand that bases itself not only in creating the most wonderfully unique clothing, Hau’Oli is also affordable and prides itself in providing people the pleasant experience of ‘walking the Hawaiian walk’.

Dye It Green | Beach Maxi Dresses | Women Beachwear Dress – Hau’oli

Dye It Green | Beach Maxi Dresses | Women Beachwear Dress – Hau’oli

With trendy styles, elegantly bold designs, and fresh, bright colours, Hau’Oli has just about everything you’d need on a beach vacation. From fabulously comfortable shorts and printed shirts for men to women’s kaftaans to be worn over swimsuits and bikinis, Hau’Oli’s collection will have you in awe. If you’re not planning a beach getaway already, well, what are you waiting for? Go through Hau’Oli’s collection and you’ll be booking flight tickets and hotels alongside ordering a whole bunch of clothes for your wardrobe that ideally needs a holiday-style version update.

The Andaman Islands – the Most Wonderful Holiday Destination

There is no such time of the year where the Andaman Islands are not calling out to you. With their powder white sands, alluring blue waters, and dense leafy greens, it is the most perfect getaway that one could ask for. There’s simply nothing not to love here, from the serene, untouched natural beauty of the land, the water, the sky, to the fresh seafood and the tranquil sense of peace that it touches you with. And, of course, there’s the cultural background of the islands that’s not only a true gem in the historical colonial perspective, but also to understand the rich heritage of India in all its forms. What we’re trying to say is that there’s something for everyone – the nature buff, the lazy vacationer, the adventurous type, and, of course, the foodies.

Havelock Island, Andaman Island
Havelock Island, Andaman Island. Credit: tatonomusic on Unsplash

Andamans over the long weekend

While the Andaman Islands are not a very big place, there are a bunch of things to do. To make the most of your long weekend, make sure to pick a flight that lands early in the morning, carry plenty of cash, and rent a scooter or a motorcycle to jet around fuss-free. Let’s look over a list of the things one can do at the Andamans in fresh new holiday wear from Hau’Oli.

Beach days!

The Andamans are a group of islands – of course, they are quite literally surrounded by the coastline. On Havelock Island, there’s Elephanta Beach and Radhanagar Beach, which are separated by a short boat ride on the clear waters or a trek through the lush green forests. Closeby, there’s also Kala Pathar Beach, surrounded, of course, by hotels and resorts. At Neil Island, there’s Sitapur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, and others. A lot of beaches also have water sports.

Water sports

There are so many adventure sports that one can engage in at the Andamans. There’s paragliding, there’s the banana boat, snorkelling, jetskis, and so many others. The perfect beach day in the Andamans would be to arrive in the afternoon in your pretty new clothes, laze around in the sand, do some water sports, go snorkelling, then finally rest on the beach watching the vibrant sunset before finally heading home. Make sure you have a nice, big breakfast beforehand so you have the energy to thoroughly enjoy your day.

Island surrounded by water
Credit: Nabil Naidu via Pexels

Scuba diving

One of the most alluring parts of visiting the Andamans is the chance to take a deep dive into the sea and take a look at the variety of life that exists under the surface. There are different levels of courses for divers with different levels of skills. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re an experienced or licensed diver, scuba diving in the Andamans is something everyone can look forward to. Several scuba diving services are available across Havelock Island and Neil Island, and there are also some close to Port Blair.

Visit the Cellular Jail

It is important to respect the culture of any place we visit, and also to understand the heritage behind these places as well. The Cellular Jail was a colonial prison and is a great part of India’s freedom movement for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in particular. Make sure to visit between Tuesdays to Sundays and check about the timings beforehand, so that you can watch the Sound & Light Show at the jail.

Cellular Jail.
Cellular Jail. Credit: Bishnu Sarangi via Pixabay

Boat rides

What’s better than a quiet boat ride atop clean, aqua coloured waters, with the soft sounds of the waves crashing on each other? Now you can either take a guided boat ride or simply take a self-driven boat and ferry it around the water yourself. Oh, did we mention that there are boats that ply from various places that have glass floors so that you can see what’s underneath you?!  That’s right, you can see the marine life while passing by it, without dipping yourself in the water. You can go kayaking in the mangroves at Mayabundar, and even take a semisubmarine ride or a sea-plane ride from Port Blair. As many ways as there are to get around water, the Andamans will show them to you.

Take in the natural environment

A lot of us like to relax and do nothing while on vacation, but for all the adventure buffs out there, there are plenty of spots where one can go for treks through the forest, walks through the rubber plantation and limestone caves, the coral reefs from the North Bay Island, and much more.

And lastly, don’t forget to take pictures of everything! Let everyone see you looking refreshed and gorgeous in your fab new beachwear.

Vanilla | Stylish Wear For Women | Beach Vacation Dresses – Hau’Oli
Vanilla | Stylish Wear For Women | Beach Vacation Dresses – Hau’Oli


To conclude

To all the folks stuck at work for 40 hours a week, here’s your chance to take that much needed break and head to one of India’s most wonderful beach holiday destinations in new clothes that’ll make you feel new and restored. A long weekend paired with a beach vacay as lovely as one at Andaman Islands is the perfect way to let go of all the stress that you have been holding in. Yeah, you need this! Book your tickets now, and right after that, head over to Hau’Oli to fetch yourself fabulous new beach clothes!

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